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Submitted on
July 28, 2012
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A fairytale begins when the moon rises.
You're standing at the cliff, are you proud?
What you felt till now, you believe is enough?
Thoughts always change and emotions fade.

The sea beneath your feet is deep, isn't it?
What you will do when you are drown, you don't know.
Bravely, you want to take your last step.
Forgotten once you move on,
everyone will move on as well.

Scratches, pools of flowing blood.
Tip to tip with death itself, near the end you stand.
Touch the wind, feel the sounds, what you have is unique.
One life is not enough, yet you want to hand it back.

You want to escape, an exit from troubles.
A coward like you should not live.
Tell me, are you sure about this?
Exchanging your own soul for eternal sleep?

When the time has passed, only rain is heard.
No cars where you are, only rough waves.
You think this is a solution to everything, don't you?
Your cries are not heard, you say,
Your wishes are ignored, you complain.

Scratches, pools of flowing blood.
Tip to tip with death itself, near the end you stand.
Touch the wind, feel the sounds, what you have is unique.
One life is not enough, yet you want to hand it back.

You claim, lies or truth, you're confused.
Tell me, what have you done to be heard between the rest?
What have you managed in this big world to be proud of?
Why give up everything and step out of the adventure?
People you know will miss you.
People will long for your presence.

Your selfish decisions will break apart others, not only you.
Your fear of success and failure are crossed by a thin line.
The silence you ask for is only the end of your life.
The peace you want is just the people who you won't feel anymore.
The heaven you search for is not the one you're going for.

Lies, harmful words you refuse to ignore.
Tip to tip with death itself, near the end you stand.
Touch the wind, feel the sounds, what you have is unique.
One life is not enough, yet you want to hand it back.

Catch your breath, take a step away.
There's a parent calling you right now.
There's a family waiting for you.
There's a friend thinking of you.

Refuse the pain, accept the love.
You want to be accused for your own death?
The sea can wait, people get older.
The waves will always be there, life is short.

Tell me, are you selfish enough to hurt others?
For something you might find a quick exit,
Others will see it as a black hole that absorbed your spirit.
Cause no pain, go back and try again.

Life's not a game, you don't have enough chances to play.
Genre(s): Hurt/Pain
Rating: nothing much hurtful

I wrote this last night. Although it was rather quick, I am pleased with the outcome. It started out as a song... If you liked/enjoyed it, please do share it with others.
If you have a critique or a tip for helping me write better, do comment or note me. I appreciate others' opinions.

My story: I used to have suicide thoughts around 2 years ago. I almost attempted suicide but, luckily, I managed to avoid it. I still fall in the era of suicide thoughts once in a while but I try to restrict myself from doing anything too harmful. Most times itís just some cuts I do on my hands or punch the wall. To be honest, I think Iíll break my fingers if I keep turning my emotional pain into physical.
Iíve grown out of any fun in life the past 1 year and I have turned into a person whoís happy with small things in life because they canít manage the big ones. Now, I donít look at my safety anymore; I step around carelessly and if anything, I wonít be afraid if a car passes centimeters away from me. So, this is pretty much written for myself and but also to those who have attempted suicide, successful or not. Depression is a harsh state in oneís life; thatís for sure.

Other literature by me:

If you download, please do NOT upload it anywhere else. I will NOT tolerate plagiarism and do NOT state it as yours. This belongs to me. Thank you.
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FightFright Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
I relly adore you for what you do and what you manage to make, thank you for beeing awesome!
RedViolentLove Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I stumbled upon some of your work and I must say you're an amazing artist with so much talent.
I love this! I have a feeling that if there were more beautiful stuff like this, it could help some people get over harsh periods in their lives, and maybe even save a life!
Knowing that there is someone who supports them, know their pain, care for them and understand them completely.
And I know I'm writing this comment like 2 years after this was published, but I hope that the bad things in your life just went away, together with the depression, and that you're much happier now. Keep going on and fighting through life, you are amazing!!! :D mintlove 

authorofthings Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
this is really amazing.
OzeraBlue18 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really good and powerful. And tomorrow is national suicide prevention day.
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MusicIsWhoIAm Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Words can't even discribe how amazing I find this. This is absolutly beautiful. You should be very very very proud!! I'm very sorry of what you're going through!! Keep trying though. Try to be happy as best as you can even though it may seem like such a hard task. Stay strong!!
RobGirl Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you like it that much. ^^ Thank you; I will stay strong. I keep trying.
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